..Sun Cure - Silmar Polyester Resin: SANDING (250A)

..Sun Cure - Silmar Polyester Resin: SANDING (250A)

World Famous Polyester - Sun Cure Sanding resin. The fastest and strongest method for surfboard building or repairs. Ultra Clear finish and works great with Q-Cell or cabosil fillers. Sun Cure sanding coats fully cure in 5 minutes. For more info go to http://www.suncure.com

* ½pint (240ml): $ 11.50
* Quart: $16.30
* Gallon: $39.95

We also sell 5 gallon buckets, drums, and ½drums. Call us - (904) 247-0808

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Resin ships UPS Ground ONLY and only within the continental United States—excluding Alaska.

“Sun Cure Web Page”: http://www.suncure.com

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