Shapers Carbon Stealth S3 - Five Fin Set

Shapers Carbon Stealth S3 - Five Fin Set

This Shapers 5 fin set utilizes the renowned front side and center trailer S3 template combined with Shapers Fins proven S-X back rears with 80/20 foil to offer tight yet smooth turning arcs. This 5 fin set is well-balanced for a wide variety of surf conditions. Best suited for lighter weight surfers.

The Stealth Series is at the forefront of fin design and development utilizing the latest in Resin Transfer Molding Technology to combine the benefits of Carbon Fiber & Core-LiteĀ® Foam Core. The result is an ultra light-weight fin with a precision flex pattern that maximizes acceleration, speed, drive and control. The Carbon Fiber leading edge combined with large Comp Core-LiteĀ® Foam Core controls the rate of flex whilst optimizing a kinetic flex memory. Stealth Series amasses energy and then releases it, delivering extra acceleration and drive. Shapers Carbon Stealth Series Fins utilize an Inner Performance Foil with a slick matte finish.

Comes in both Futures & FCS Base.

Front & Center S.3 Set:

Rear Template:

Color Green Only (as pictured).


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