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Modified Surfboard Planer, Metabo (Formerly Hitachi)

Modified Surfboard Planer, Metabo (Formerly Hitachi)

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The new Modified Metabo, (Formerly Hitachi), power planer has been completely redesigned for 2020. The stronger, more robust 5.5 Amp motor with an increased speed of 17,000 rpm, will produce cleaner cuts with less strain. The new model still comes with the modified, quarter turn, on-the-fly depth adjustment assembly and machined front toe plate for improved clearance and ease of shaping. A completely new, smooth flow, custom molded exhaust chute quickly adapts to the standard 1.5” slinky hose to ensure proper dust extraction. This planer will accept disposable double edge blades, but comes equipped with durable re-sharpenable HSS blades, which are both cost effective and allow for extended use. Standard modifications also include high quality sealed bearings and a 25’ power cord.

If you’ve been shaping a long time, you understand the wear foam causes to electrical tools. We recommend following these guidelines to maintain your planer.

* Blow dust out of internal components several times a day to keep the planer as clean as possible.
* If possible, attach planer to a vacuum system. This will also help keep the internal components clean.
* At first sign of unusual noise, and/or rpm changes, STOP using and replace the bearings.
* The bearings are sealed and not meant to be re-oiled. Once the seal is breached (or removed), the bearings will load up with foam dust and wear out rapidly.
* Never cut EPS foam unless a vacuum system is attached to the planer.

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