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Ding All Silmar Polyester Resin SANDING 250A

Ding All  Silmar Polyester Resin SANDING 250A

How Much Resin Do I Need?

- Contains Silmar Polyester 250A Sanding Resin
- Ultra Clear. Non-Yellowing and UV Stable
- Super Strong flex to weight ratio
- Contains wax for easy sanding on hot coats
- Layers can be applied by sanding in-between coats
- Used by 80% of all US board builders.
- 1/2 pints, quarts and gallons come with Liquid Hardener (MEKP).
- Average Cure time is: Gel -6 to 10 minutes, hard in 45 to 60 minutes @ 77 degrees F.

For buckets, half drums and drums, hardener (MEKP) must be purchased separately.

8oz. - $11.50
Quart - $17.95
Gallon - $42.95

We also sell 5 gallon buckets, drums, and ½ drums. Call us - (904) 247-0808

Resin ships UPS Ground ONLY and only within the continental United States—excluding Alaska.

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