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12 Year old Girl in the shaping room.

Nov 8, 2017

Posted by Dale Christenson

Hey guys, wanted to share this. Never “too young” or “too old” to love this art form passion.

Getting her 1st one cranked out with her PaPa. My 12 year old grand daughter Peyton. Straight “A” 7th grade student at Bolles. She did all the shaping except Skil 100 work. Turned out sweet. She will be glassing next week.

New Shipment of US Blanks now available

Oct 29, 2017

Posted by Dale Christenson

Free Surf Source Wax Comb and Fin Key with purchase

Jul 27, 2017

Posted by Dale Christenson

Shape Off At The Boardroom Surf Shop

Jun 5, 2013

Posted by Dale Christenson

We mentioned it on our Facebook page. Now we’ll mention it here. “USBlanks”:http://www.usblanks.com and The Surf Source are happy to sponsor The Boardroom Surf Shop’s first Shape-off.

This Saturday, June 8th, at The Boardroom Surf Shop on Penman Road, four local shapers…

* Marcelo Gagliardi of “MCG Surfboards”:https://www.facebook.com/mcgsurf?directed_target_id=0

* Trevor Scheckinger of Orange Tree Surfboards

* Mike Pedigo of “Flyline Surfboards”:http://flylinesurfboards.com/

* Ryan Simmons of “Rhino Surfboards”:http://www.rhinosurfboards.com/

...will go toe to toe shaping their own version of a Mini-Simmons. These four boards will each be carved out of a 6’ 8” RP blank donated by USBlanks.

Under the officiating of local great “Mitch Kaufmann”:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khwAQiSgOfg, two judges—“Jim Dunlop”:http://mysticsurfboards.net/, known locally as one of the most dynamic and derivative Mini-Simmons shapers on the East Coast and “Mike Whisnant”:http://www.whisnantsurfboards.com/, The 2011 Florida Shape Off Champion @ Surf Expo—will render their verdict on whose version is the best.

Friday evening the shapers will draw straws to choose the order on who shapes when. The first shaper will begin at 9 AM.

Prizes, giveaways, and raffles will take place all day—USBlanks donated a bunch of swag. There will also be a raffle for the winning shape. Surf Source employees—especially your humble writer—will be eligible to purchase a few of those raffle tickets for the winning shape.

Come on out and support your local shapers.

Con permiso, Judges. The hall is rented, the orchestra engaged. It’s now time to see if these guys can dance.

The Surf Source

Now Open: The ShapeRoom

May 22, 2013

Posted by Dale Christenson

The ShapeRoom is available for rent Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm (weekend and evenings must be specially arranged):

  • $20/hour With Tools Provided (minimum 2 hours)
  • Two x 4 hour Sessions w/Tools for $125.00 (8 hours total)
  • $10/hour Without Tools (minimum 2 hours)
  • Two x 4hour Sessions Without Tools for $65.00 (8 hours total)

The ShapeRoom features:

  • 17ft x 10ft Shaping Room
  • Air Conditioning
  • Carpeted Floor
  • Adjustable Shaping Stand
  • Adjustable Lighting with Shelves
  • Planer Vacuum System
  • Air Hose

There is also a viewing window and lounge area which would be great for shaping parties.

Stop by our warehouse to set up your time. Or give us a call, (904) 247-0808.

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