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2018 Sticky Bumps Case Give away Winner

Oct 15, 2018

Posted by Dale Christenson

​Congrats to Erin for winning our Sticky Bumps wax Case contest on Instagram this month. Way to go Erin, keep shredding.

Jquinny lays some dust in the Surf Source Shaping room

Sep 7, 2018

Posted by Dale Christenson

​Early September and the Surf Source was honored to have legendary Jquinny lay down two boards in the shaping room. The boards will be featured in a Vans featured film. Thanks for the visit!

New Epoxy SunCure Ding Repair Kit, Repairs ALL surfboards

Jul 21, 2018

Posted by Dale Christenson

After years of testing, Ding All-SunCure now offers a Universal Epoxy Repair Kit for ALL Surfboards. This kits features are Un-matched and include:

-Resin that repairs both Poly and Epoxy boards

- Resin that dries Non-Tacky in Minutes

- Resin that will not damage EPS Foam when laminating with cloth or using Filler

- Resin that can cure up to 1/8” thick when adding White filler

- Resin that is strong and easy to sand

- Resin that is Ultra Clear and Non-Yellowing

- A complete kit that is Airline safe

- Resin that has a Super extended shelf life 5 years +

- Resin that can laminate fiberglass cloth patches

- Resin that emits no VOC fumes

- Resin that cleans up with soap and water

12 Year old Girl in the shaping room.

Nov 8, 2017

Posted by Dale Christenson

Hey guys, wanted to share this. Never “too young” or “too old” to love this art form passion.

Getting her 1st one cranked out with her PaPa. My 12 year old grand daughter Peyton. Straight “A” 7th grade student at Bolles. She did all the shaping except Skil 100 work. Turned out sweet. She will be glassing next week.

New Shipment of US Blanks now available

Oct 29, 2017

Posted by Dale Christenson

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